Activate mcafee is portal to activate Mcafee online. you will be able to Activate subscription using Mcafee Product Key and Download your software. If you have purchased Mcafee software locate your Mcafee Activation code which is required to validate your Mcafee Product License.

What is Mcafee activation code or Mcafee Product Key?

When you purchase any Mcafee product from retail store it comes with an activation code which is used to activate ,download, redownload, moving license to other device.You can find it backside of retail card to see mcafee product key. If you have purchased mcafee online from or directly from then you can check the confirmation mail to see the code.

Mcafee code is 25 digit long which looks like: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX

Steps to Activate and download Mcafee

Mcafee Activation and download Steps for windows 10 and Mac pc are same installation may differ.

  1. Open web browser and type
  2. Type your 25 digit mcafee activation code in Input Box, Click Submit
  3. Login to your mcafee account by entering email and password
  4. Now you have to click on "Download your Software" so the file will get downloaded
  5. Double click on the file to run the setup and install mcafee.

Already used mcafee activation code?

For the users who have already used their activation code they can open web browser and type and then press Download Your Software option presented at the bottom of the webpage.

Howw Install Mcafee Antivirus?

Refer Mcafee Installation documents provided in footer note of website or follow below steps.

  1. Open your browser and go to website
  2. Enter your Account details such as Name, Email, Password
  3. click to create Account
  4. your Mcafee account will be created with in few seconds
  5. Select your Mcafee Product and click to download
  6. Double click on downlaoded file to run Setup
  7. Agree on Term and conditions
  8. Follow on screen instruction to complete Mcafee installation with product key

How to activate Pre installed mcafee in New Laptop using activation code

Either visit or follow below steps for activation of pre installed mcafee antivirus

  1. Open installed mcafee software
  2. Click on activate button
  3. Enter mcafee activation code and submit
  4. Congratulations! Mcafee antivirus is successfully installed on your device and ready to use.

Enable Mcafee Security Features

There are multiple Features which secure your device, however some critical you must enable it immediatly

  1. Turn on Firewall through Mcafee
  2. Enable Mcafee theft protection
  3. Auto Scan device
  4. Mcafee Web Security
  5. Mcafee Auto updates for vulnerability

Why to install mcafee security?

If you are looking to protect your devices then McAfee is one of the best security software which gives you offline as well as online security. You can download mcafee from It not only protects your personal data but also provides safe online browsing. It provides protection to your data by encrypting the information over the internet. McAfee gives you endpoint protection. McAfee has gained a lot of positive result for its performance.

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